How to block websites on Windows without apps

If you have a website that you want other users or even yourself to be blocked from accessing, some people might be using third-party applications or using Google Chrome extensions if they are using Google Chrome, but third-party application usage isn’t 100% % guaranteed. Everyone Browser can block it because definitely not all Browser support these third-party applications.

In addition to using third-party applications, it turns out that there is also an easy way on the Windows operating system to block access to a site by simply using the notepad Well here is the tutorial.


1. You open the app notepad with access Execute as administrator.

2. Then you open Researcher and you access this directory.

C: Windows System32 drivers etc (for Windows 32-bit).

C: Windows SysWow64 drivers etc (for Windows 64-bit).

3. If so, right-click the file host and you click Copy.

4. Return to the Notepad application, click Tab menu open file and you click on Text field and press on the keyboard Ctrl + v and text appears automatically C: Windows xxxxxxx drivers etc hosts and you click the button open minded.

5. Then paste the text below at the end of the line in Notepad.

You can change be another site that you want to block.

6. If so, click Tab menu File – save as, and make sure Filename and File type like in the picture below and click save as / save.

7. If so, 2 file types appear here with the same name, namely: host and hosts.txt, She Clear file host And you rename file hosts.txt Will Host.

8. Done.

Remarks: Level 6 runs smoothly or will happen on some PCs duplicate files like the 7th stage but the average pc with the windows operating system will definitely happen duplicate files.

This is a tutorial on how to block websites on Windows without an application, hopefully it will be useful.

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