How to block specific websites in Google Chrome

One of the most annoying things about the internet is that it’s not okay to use it, and in this day and age it is very easy for anyone, children or adults, to freely access adult websites, especially parents’ concerns about their children, who accidentally fear their children. To access these adult websites, here is a guide on how to block specific websites from Google Chrome browser on PC / laptop.

1. Open the Google Chrome app.

Download Google Chrome

2. Search Google for “Chrome Web Store”

3. Then click Menu in the upper left corner Extensions (Extension) then enter “Site block

4. If so, press “Add on Chrome” or “Add to Chrome “.

5. When a warning appears, press the “Add extension

6. Wait for the download process.

7. If the extension is successfully installed, go to Options the extension (see picture below).

8. Then enter Url the website you want to block from your Google Chrome.

9. Then click on “Add page


Note: UTo test whether this setting is successful or not, please access the previously blocked site. If the site looks normal, it means the setting failed, and if the site looks strange (blocked), the setting is successful.

Additional features of this extension: How to forward blocked URLs to other URLs.
Definition: Forward / Redirect is a function to redirect an activity from one activity to another, for example for Forward on Extensions Block website that is, if you have blocked a website, Google Chrome does not display an image telling you that this website has been blocked, but redirects to another website.

1. Go to the options menu of the BlockSite extension.

2. You will first see the URL that you blocked earlier.

3. then on the menu redirect to, Enter the url you want to use as the redirect website from the previously blocked website. (Example:

4. If so, press the button sentence next to the column Forward to.

5. Done, please test first.

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