How to block programs with the firewall in Windows 7

Windows Firewall is a system that is designed and operated to control access to or from a network system or computer network.

Firewalls can usually be used as basic controls to prevent access to a person or application (software) who tried to break into a network illegally Private by using a ‘rules‘ for sure.

Its use can be implemented in hardware, software, or a combination of both. As a result, many pranksters try to break into a private network but still can’t get through it because you are blocking them Firewall rules.

By activating the firewall, means that we have achieved several advantages as follows:

  • All traffic in and out of communication on our computers is through Firewall First.
  • Only authorized traffic can enter and exit your computer
  • Your computer will be resistant to various types of outside attack

Then how do I activate the firewall for our computer? Here’s how:

Enable the Windows 7 firewall service

1. Make sure service Your Windows firewall is active. To find out go to: Control Panel – System and Security – Windows Firewall.

Make sure you choose A (recommended) to activate the Windows firewall.

2. Have you made sure that the Windows firewall is active? Well. That means we can go straight to the next step.

To open and close access to software on your computer, you can do the following:

1. Open Switchboard Windows 7, then highlight to: Control Panel – System and Security – Windows Firewall – Advanced Settings.

2. A window will appear safety regulate Firewall rules.

3. In the window “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security “, Select menu “Incoming rules in the panel on the left.

4. Then choose the next step Menus “plot, then select “New rules…” that’s in the top menu.

5. A new window appears “New Inbound Rules Wizard “, make sure you have the option “Program”, then click “Next”.

6. A new window appears again. Select the menu here: “This program path: “, then Search and search software you open / close the access.

Standard installation location window is on the way: “C: / program files“. Select the program you want and then Open minded – Next.

7. After you “Next” then you have the option of activating or deactivating access to the previously selected program.

Choose “Allow connection “ if you want to enable access. But if it’s the other way around, then you can choose “Block connection “.

8. After you have selected and the button “Next, in the next step select all available options (Domains, private and public), then press “Next” again.

9. Create a name and description rules that. Names and descriptions can be random. This means that you can enter it in the original. Then click on “End”.

10. You can grant access for the next step outgoing for the same program by starting with step number 5 to completion.

Congratulations, you successfully opened and closed a program through the firewall in Windows 7.

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