How to block Internet connections from certain applications on Android

The internet has become a part of human life, one can even say that the internet is an unreal (virtual) world. In this day and age, the internet can be used as a primary need.

This is due to the various advantages that the internet offers. Some of them can access information quickly and easily up to date, Distance communication media, business means on-line. By noting some of the benefits mentioned above, we can take into account the number of internet users at this point in time. It is even possible that everyone in this world has access to the Internet.

To be able to explore of course (rummage) Internet access required on the Internet. We can use data packets (Cellular network) or WiFi. The selection also varies, from unlimited until then limited (volume), from fast internet to slow internet, although all come in different variations and prices.

But of course for those whose quota is limited, must have a problem called waste. In fact, the overuse of quotas is not only caused by direct application usage (foreground), but can also be determined by the background of the application (background).

Apps that can use many backgrounds are usually social media apps. Here I explain how to do itblock Android applications from the Internet with NetGuard. That way, you don’t have to worry about whether the application is taking up your quota or not.

NetGuard is a firewall application that is designed to block internet access in certain Android applications that we want.

1. Install the app NetGuard.

Download the NetGuard app

2. After the installation, open the application, it will be closed Pop up Privacy Policy As follows. Tap “I agree”.

3. How to activate the app Tap stud counter which is at the top left.

4. Wait for it to turn on. When you have selected the application you want to download, block from the Internet.

5. When you want to startblock Application from the Internet, click the WiFi button next to the application and wait for the sign to change.

When it’s done, the application willblock Access to the internet.

Maybe it was mine, there are still a lot of tutorials I want to share. So … stay tuned

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