How to block hotspot users on Xiaomi phones

Hotspot tethering is one of the features that are already present in this version Smartphone Former Android, function of Hotspot tethering It is exactly as the name suggests, namely providing a Wi-Fi signal that others can use.

You can do it Hot spot without a password or you can also specify a password, the more often, the more functions Hot spot In this case there were initially only 2 settings, namely with password or without password, now you can also set a frequency for Hotspot tethering you, but not all Smartphone can be a special frequency signal in. deliver Hot spotshe, one of Smartphone which can provide or adapt the frequency signal is Smartphone Xiaomi and ASUS you can use the frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Besides the frequency settings, one of the additional features that the author finds very useful and very good is the additional feature of blocking hotspot users if there is one device attached to Hot spot You and you don’t know who the user is device you can block that device this and device it can’t connect to Hot spot you until you delete device from the blacklist, here is the tutorial for Smartphone Xiaomi.


1. Make sure Hotspot tethering They are on and press for 3 seconds Tethering symbol So you will be redirected to the settings menu.

2. Then you are Tap At Device is connected.

3. You Tap At device you want to block and a warning will appear like the picture below and you Tap OK if you want to block device the.

4. Done.

If you want to unblock a device, in your third stage Tap on the menu Block list And you Tap At device what you want unlock, then Tap OK.

This is the tutorial on how to block users Hot spot on a Xiaomi phone it will hopefully be useful.

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