How to block certain account chats in the Steam application

Steam is one of the software or platform which focuses on the gaming aspect where there are many sales of different types of pc / computer based games. Some of the games that are known and are currently being played are in part from platform Steam. Some of these games range from DOTA 2, CSGO to themed games Battle Royale like PUBG. In fact, of the many games on offer, some are free (play for free) and some get paid.

Sometimes when we play games, especially games on-line what we have to play with player In other parts of the world we often find players playing cheats. Well it uses cheats often use harsh words in the game, even play very poorly. That makes us very emotional, of course, and because of the presence of, we can’t even enjoy the game poisonous player the.

Especially in cases in which many players often use harsh words, one of the functions of Steam can be the solution. Specialty Block communication allows us to block player others that are quite annoying when we play games on-line. As for the steps, you can see below.


1. Open the Steam application on your PC or laptop.

2. From the Home menu, select the account with which you want to block chat communications. Here the author gives an example of the account Friends list Writer. Then click on the account.

3. When you have accessed the related account page, select Menu more.

4. Select the next step blocks all communication.

5. Then choose yes, block them.

6. The results will be displayed in a dialog box as shown below.

This is the tutorial on how to block chat communication on accounts in the Steam application. Hopefully this path will make us more comfortable while playing on-line. Much luck.

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