How to block annoying notifications on Facebook Android

Do you often get annoying notifications from Facebook? Want to disable or block it but don’t know how? Try the following method to block all unnecessary notifications on Facebook app.

Every developer Whether it’s an application or whatever, they want all users to feel comfortable using the applications they create. Various things are sure to grab the attention of the developer, especially if there is failure or other disturbances. You will immediately be vigilant and take care of it. The same is often done by developer Social media facebook.

This social media network service is very popular indeed. Not only in young people, but also in the elderly. They enjoy Facebook as a place for social media. But recently we are often bothered by the notifications on Facebook. Starting with comments, groups, birthdays, up to our memories on Facebook.

These things are of course very annoying. But now we don’t need to worry because in fact there is an option on Facebook itself to block any notifications that are less important. So we can make the most of our time and when we have free time we can open all existing notifications. Now how? Go straight to Tutorialsthe following.

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1. Then open the Facebook Android app Tap symbol 3 lines in the top right corner, then select the Settings & Privacy menu Tap Settings menu.

2. Then look for the Notification Settings menu Tap in the menu to mute automatic notifications if you have selected the duration of the automatic mute as desired.

3. Which notifications you have received in the menu bar Tap and select the one you want to block, such as comments. Then deactivate everything to press Notifications, Email and SMS.

4. In the menu bar where you will receive notifications Tap everything start menu to press Notifications, Email, and SMS then turn off any existing settings to block them.

5. Last Tap The Notification Point menu then deactivates all existing settings.

This is a tutorial on how to block annoying notifications on Facebook Android. Hope it’s useful.

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