How to block and hide messages on WhatsApp

Basically WhatsApp doesn’t have a lock and hide chat message feature, but we can add a lock and hide feature to keep our messages safe from friends who want to read or accidentally see our messages. The content of the message may be very private and therefore need to be locked.

When you feel like you have a very private message that you don’t want your friends to read, this is the method you need to follow. how then? We can use the help of an application called WhatsAppX. WhatsAppX is module for the Xposed installer which is used to change and add features of the WhatsApp application without disassembling the apk.

How to block and hide messages on WhatsApp

At first glance over WhatsApp, WhatsApp is a messenger application that is similar to the LINE messenger or the Blackberry messenger. The difference between this WhatsApp application in terms of looks and functions is very simple. Unlike other messenger applications, it is only used for sending messages and making calls. WhatsApp doesn’t have stickers and timelines like LINE and BBM.

WhatsApp is available to Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone, and Nokia series users and can also run on PC computers.

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Here is a tutorial on how to lock and hide messages on WhatsApp:


  • Android user root.
  • Xposed installer already installed.


1. To install WhatsappX.

2. Open the Xposed installer, go to the menu Modules then activate WhatsAppX and reboots.

How to Block and Hide Messages in WhatsApp 2

3. Open WhatsApp Messenger, then go to Friends or Group Chat Messages.

4th Tap Menu in the top right corner and then select the WhatsappX menu.

5. Check the menu Block contact and Hide message preview.

How to block and hide messages in WhatsApp 1

6. Create a pattern password to lock.

Complete. Much luck.

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