How to become anonymous on the Internet

To become something anonymous or ninja is certainly not as easy as we imagine. Anonymous is someone who can do something quickly with agility without being noticed by others.

They have extraordinary abilities compared to most ordinary people. They have special skills to enter certain areas easily and without a trace.

So it is to be a ninja on the internet. A anonymous (as a cyber world ninja) must have the skills and knowledge described above.

You can easily access certain networks even if these networks are blocked or blocked by the system for some reason.

Why exactly is this particular network blocked? Well, many reasons. One of them can be for security reasons or for reasons of regulations from a region that denies its citizens access to the network.

But can normal internet users become? anonymous? Of course I can. With a few tricks and modifications to the Internet network, a person can disguise their identity in order to surf freely in cyberspace.

The following is a tutorial on how we disguise our own internet identity. This tutorial is not intended for malicious or illegal use.

Just a piece of knowledge worth sharing. Hopefully, knowing such avenues, you can overcome it if one day your network is invaded by irresponsible people. Here’s how:

1. First clean everything Cookies ever manually connected to your computer

When you use chrome, open minded settings via the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.

click settings, then scroll down until you find the menu: clear rummage data. Select from the beginning of time, then make sure everyone Checklist filled in, then click directly Clear browser data.

2. Cleaning Cookies that exist in Flash Player

How to open Switchboard, then search Flash Player between the menus there and then open it. On the window Flash Player, make sure you are in the Storage tab and select “Delete everything“.

Select and fill in both Checklist then select available Delete everything. Do the same with “Advanced” tab.

3. Also delete data Cookies on app Java.

How to open Switchboard, then search Java among the applications there. If it’s already open, make sure it’s turned on General tab Select menu settings.

After a new window appears, select “delete files”To all of. to delete stored data Java, then click “OK“.

4. Delete DNS cookies

The trick is to open it command prompt and by entering the command “ipconfig / flushdns“Without quotes, then press”ENTER“.

5. Clean again with CCleaner software so that the recycle bin is really clean on your computer.

6. Download and power on VPN

VPN is used for cladding IP address She. In this tutorial, I’ll be using Windscribe VPNbecause there is a free version. But that is your choice because you are free to wear VPN any brand you like.

7. Check status anonymity she

Test your internet anonymity whether it is successful or not. The trick is to open it website with Browser Fire fox. Make sure it’s not there warning with red writing on it.

If it’s still there warning with red text, you can fix it by following the instructions from website that. After completing the instructions, you can close Fire fox then open it again website then see if everything is green.

8. Check the address again IP address and your physical location

This time test with Chrome browser by entering the search “my ip address”(Without quotation marks) in website Find out what your IP address is and where your current location is.

If the search results determine that your address is different from your real address, then congratulations, you’ve become a ninja in cyberspace without being rediscovered.

If this tutorial is still confusing you, you can still watch the tutorial in the form of the following video.

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