How to back up Android apps without root

Backup applications installed on our Android are essential so that we don’t have to download the application again if the application needs to be reinstalled. There are many ways to secure Android applications. You can use the manual method or use the application’s help. In fact, there are many free backup applications on the Playstore that can be used, one of which uses Clean Master.

Clean Master is a multifunctional application, in the next article the author will review its useful functions, this time the author will discuss the backup function of applications in Clean Master.

1. Download and run Clean Master, select the APP MANAGER menu.

2. Highlight the applications you want to back up, and then press the Backup button.

3. To see the results, look in the backup menu or the / sdcard / cleanmster / backup folder which you can see with the file manager application.

Good luck done.

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