How to automatically turn off a laptop when the battery is low

Currently it is often for laptop users who often forget to turn off their laptop when the battery is in place low, until the laptop battery is empty, there is no more battery power. This usually happens with students, because at this level the use of laptops in the lecture world is very intensive.

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This shows that a laptop that shuts down due to low battery can cause damage to the laptop’s system, both in terms of the damaged battery and in terms of hardwarewhich is on the laptop. How to turn off the laptop automatically when the battery is low.

How to turn off a laptop automatically when the battery is low

1. This tutorial uses Windows 7 – open File manager – then select This PC – then click right – then select properties.

2. The next step, please choose Home control panel.

3. Then please choose Hardware and sound.

4. Select next Energy options to set the battery to turn off automatically.

5. Then choose Change when the computer is asleep.

6. Select next Change advanced power settings.

7. At this stage, the Windows setting is complete. Select battery – Choose Low battery level –Adjust the position of your battery percentage to suit your own taste. In this article with the 10% setting, ie battery in a state of 10% the laptop switches off automatically – choose Low battery action – Change to position Shutdwon.


Remarks: This method applies to all windows.

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