How to automatically take selfies with a wave

Taking selfies is indeed a hot trend these days. Many teenagers are very fond of taking selfie photos. Not only teenagers, but also artists and parents like this one activity a lot now.

Not to mention the huge number of photo sharing social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook that make social media enthusiasts vie to like and comments from other users by uploading their selfies.

Maybe we get bored sometimes when we have to hold the tongs or press the button all the time Clasp to take selfies. Not to mention whether the photo is from angle which is quite difficult. Maybe it can be tricked with timer but unfortunately we have to stick with it timer which is given.

Now, with the technology mature, you no longer have to bother just taking selfies. Since just waving your hand is enough, you can take selfie photos without pressing or using the shutter button timer. How one? Watch carefully Tutorials including:

Video tutorials


1. Install first application Snapi in the playstore.

2. After the application is successfully installed, open the application and face the camera either alone or with friends.

Then, raise your right hand and point your palm at the camera to activate the shutter button. It will appear later symbol like the palm of your hand when your hand position is correct.

3. When your palm is recognized, it is your turn to make a fist. Make sure it comes out later symbol Fist.

Next, open or lower your hand again and press the button Clasp the camera starts working automatically.

So you can easily take automatic selfies with one hand movement. Good luck and don’t forget share the article when it is useful. If you are still confused, you can check out the video tutorial provided.

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