How to automatically display Spotify lyrics on Windows 10

Music match is a well-known application where this application provides a service to share lyrics for free and is of course legal as the lyrics used by this application are usually from Creatorso that it has a personal license from musixmatch.

Unlike other applications that use song lyrics from mixed websites on the internet, their legality is not guaranteed when compared to this application. Musixmatch supports a wide variety of music player applications such as Spotify. You can sync the songs you play with this application, so the songs you play get the exact lyrics of the song and even automatically.

Musixmatch itself was originally available as an app Smartphone so that it can develop and be used in different ways platform For example, as with Windows 10, here is a tutorial on how to use it on Windows 10.


1. You open the app Microsoft Store She.

2. Then search for the application MusicMatch.

3. You click the button WILL.

4. Continue by clicking the button TO INSTALL and wait for the download process.

5. When the download is complete, open the application Music match in Start menu or in the Microsoft Store app itself, since the app is not in the Desktops.

6. Click the button Next until you find the login screen, click the button Getting started.

7. If you already have an account Musixmatch Previously you could log in, if not you can register a new account on SMS Sign up here.

8. If you are logged in, you will be asked to switch between Spotify or Media player by default on your laptop, select the music source application you are using.

9. When you start playing the song in the previously selected application, the lyrics will automatically appear in the application Musixmatch.

10. Done.

Note: Unfortunately the app Musixmatch This version of Windows does not yet have a lyrics search function speaker, unlike on the Android operating system, where you can search for lyrics with microphone Your mobile phone and bring it closer to the sound source that is playing the song.

This is a tutorial on how to automatically display Spotify lyrics on Windows 10. Hopefully it will be useful.

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