How to automatically clear Google Assistant history on Android

Tech giant Google already has a digital assistant called the Google Assistant that allows its users to give different types of voice commands through their mobile phones.

The commands users can give to the Google Assistant also vary, including commands to send messages, set alarms, or commands to get message updates. Essentially, Google’s digital assistant is presented to facilitate the activities of its users.

There is also a history feature in the Google Assistant that is useful for storing a history of commands from users. And on this occasion, we are going to discuss how to automatically clear Google Assistant history. Do you already know how If not, please see the tutorial below.


1. Please open the Google application installed on your Android phone.

2. If so, please tap More and then select Settings.

3. Tap Google Assistant.

4. Please tap on your data in Assistant.

5. Then select Assistant Activity.

6. Tap Select to automatically delete.

7. Select the time of deletion. It is recommended that you only select 3 months and then tap Next.

8. Tap Confirm and then OK.

9. Done.

For your information, the Google Assistant is a digital assistant that has the highest level of accuracy in answering its users’ questions when compared to its competitors. Google Assistant itself is divided into two versions, namely the version on Google Assistant Smartphone and google home electronics.

For version Smartphone, Google Assistant has a higher accuracy than that of Google Home. In one study, the accuracy of the Google Assistant was said to be Smartphone reached 90 percent, while Google Home only reached 85 percent.

This is a guide on how to automatically clear Google Assistant history on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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