How to automatically block inappropriate comments on Youtube

One of the most annoying things about YouTube comments is the appearance of comments Spam, bullying, too gross. Something like that is certainly very disturbing, especially when the comments are made by the Internet users it has nothing to do with the video content we created.

Is there a solution? You can use the function to deactivate comments in the advanced settings of YouTube. However, this feature is not recommended as it reduces audience interaction. So what’s the solution? The most suitable solution to avoid it Spam, bullying, obscene words means automatically blocking them.

When blocking, any inappropriate words will be checked first or not immediately shown in the comments column. For information on blocking, see the tutorial below.

Remarks: This method can also be performed at Smartphone Android and iOS by activating the desktop display in the Chrome browser.

How to Block Inappropriate Words on Youtube Video Commentary.


1. Sign in to your YouTube account.

2. Click YouTube Studio – More Features – Status and Features.

3. Click Community – Community Settings.

4. Select the blocked words and start typing the words Spam, bullying, and other words that disturb it.

5. Tick the block shortcut, then select “Hold Potentially Inappropriate Comments For Review” and click Save.

6. The process is complete.

Comments containing blocked words are automatically moved to the “On Hold” section for review. To view it, please click on the Community – Comments – Paused for Review.

This is a tutorial on how to automatically block inappropriate comments on Youtube. Hope it’s useful.

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