How to Apply for a Loan to BCA Bank, Very Easy!

How to Apply for a Loan to BCA Bank

How to Apply for a Loan to BCA Bank – Not much different from banks in general, BCA or Bank Central Asia can also provide loans to anyone who wants to apply for a loan seriously and seriously.

If you really want to apply for a loan from BCA, then you have to know how and what things you need to prepare. That way you can apply for a loan and your application can be accepted or approved.

You need to know that a BCA loan or also known as a BCA Personal Loan is one of BCA’s mainstay products. To develop this company, one way is to provide loan programs other than savings.

For those of you who are customers or debtors who are in need of money for educational, health, and other productive needs. Then you can apply for a loan according to what you need and a maximum loan of up to 100 million.

Well, now if you are serious about getting a loan and also want to know how to apply for a loan to BCA Bank to be approved. So please take a look at what we will explain below.

Advantages of Borrowing Money to BCA

There are advantages or advantages that you can get if you apply for a loan at BCA. Of course this is good news for you. That way you can get benefits and most importantly get a loan. Here are the benefits

  1. Fast and easy process
  2. Very flexible tenor can be 1 year to 3 years
  3. Low or light interest
  4. Easy and affordable installments
  5. No guarantee or collateral

Those are five advantages at once that you can get and also take advantage of if you apply for a loan at this privately-owned bank. Next, you also have to know how to apply for a loan to BCA Bank.

How to Apply for a Loan to BCA Bank

To be able to apply for a loan, the first thing you have to do is complete several conditions which have become the provisions of the Bank. If you meet the requirements and have prepared the conditions, please go to the nearest BCA office.

Here are some terms and conditions that you must pay attention to before you come directly to the nearest BCA office. Don’t let you come to the location but come back again because there are incomplete requirements.

  1. Is an Indonesian citizen (Indonesian citizen)
  2. Already have a BCA card
  3. Have a permanent job for at least 2 years. Proven certificate from the company
  4. For entrepreneurs, make sure to have a business certificate from the village or sub-district
  5. Have a minimum income of 2.5 million per month
  6. Have a minimum age of 21 to 55 years can be proven by e-KTP

How to Get a Loan Application Accepted by BCA

Although many people have met the requirements as we described above. there are also many people who fail or their loan applications are not accepted. For that you must pay attention to the following important things:

  • Make sure the application is in accordance with the maximum credit limit
  • Set aside funds in the account of at least 1 million
  • No bad credit history
  • The amount of installments cannot be more than 30% of salary
  • Make sure it complies with the terms and conditions that apply

Those are the things you need to remember and record well if you are serious about getting a loan from BCA. Hopefully you can listen and also understand what we have explained above. If you have questions, ask them in the comments column

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The final word

You can also apply for an online loan application. However, you must be prepared to accept the risks that will occur later. To be able to find out what are the risks and benefits that you can get, please try the online loan application.

If that’s all we can share and also explain to you. Hopefully what we present on this auspicious occasion about How to Apply for a Loan to BCA Bank you can understand well.

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