How to Always Win in the Arena of Valor Game

Of course everyone already knows what Arena of Valor is or what is usually abbreviated as AOV. Yes, AOV is one of the Games Moba published by Garena for iOS and Android mobile platforms. Games This Moba from Garena has managed to win the hearts of Indonesian gamers as it is said to have a more stable server. It doesn’t stop, little by little this AOV is also starting to compete with the popularity of similar games, namely Mobile Legends.

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Well, there’s no denying that your AOV players, especially beginners, really want to win the match you’re playing. Whether in Fast game Yet Ranked game. It is for this reason that I will take this opportunity to try to share a few ways and tips that you can try so that you can keep winning.

How to Win Beginner Keep playing Arena of Valor

Master a hero

Master one hero in MOBA game is one of the most important things. Arena of Valor itself was created with care Justice and balance. So for those of you who want to win ranked matches, try to get to know the hero you play and tweak each one Skills that he has.

Choose the correct arcana

Looks trivial, but this arcana is also very important. Perhaps beginners seldom know that this arcana is the power of the hero which is played. Don’t let yourself choose the wrong arcana, for example arcana for magicians is for archers or vice versa. So try to pick the correct arcana. If you are confused about which one to choose, just hit the Recommendations tab. The system will automatically select the Arcana that suits you hero Her.

Build objects and jungle

Products that exist in shop it will also help you optimize it Hero skills Her. So give priority to choosing items that are appropriate for the type of hero you are using. Jungle is just as important as killing monsters and polishing in your forest and enemy forest will speed up your level and gold to buy Products. If our level is higher, it will certainly not destroy the enemy and dominate the game.

Don’t play alone

Moba game is a game that requires teamwork in my opinion. So don’t be selfish and attack enemy territory alone to win. Bus – can be teamed up and make the game messy on your team. Also, try looking at the map so we can help if a friend has problems or is in a gang.

Don’t understand AFK

Well, that’s not the most important thing for AFK. What if one of your friends is AFK while playing? must be very annoyed and excited. If the others are already PRO then one player will be left behind, maybe it doesn’t matter. But for beginners and advanced learners, this is definitely a problem. So always pay attention to your network connection, don’t let it become AFK and a burden on the team.

These are the ways and tips to help beginners win continuously Games moba arena of valor. Hopefully useful and not forgotten share.

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