How to Always Be a Deceiver Among Us

Impostor is a villain or character who must be defeated in the Among Us game. The player who becomes the cheat has the mission to kill the crew member (all players). So those who become crew members must be careful not to hit the impostor as they can be killed and the game ends in defeat. So crew members must work together to complete the task or task as quickly as possible in order to win before they are killed.

Being a cheat is one of the wishes of many players in the game among us, but unfortunately it is very rare for us to assume the role of the cheat when we are playing normally. You could say one in a thousand is a cheater. Even so, you can still feel like you are a cheater who cheats on your crew member and kills him to win the game. Then how can we easily become a deceiver in this game among ourselves? Check out the tutorial below.

How to always be a deceiver among us

1. The first step to always being an Impostor player is to use the modified version of the Among Us application. So you have to uninstall it.

2. Once uninstalled, download and install the Mod Among Us APK version of the menu.

3. Then run the modified version of Among Us. The first time you open it, you will be asked to allow the floating window. Please allow it to be activated.

4. Then select the menu icon image of a person’s head. then a menu will appear, please scroll down and enable “Always Impostor” in the host menu menu.

5. You are then obliged to create a new game or a new server as HOST in local or online.

6. Wait for the game to start, then you will automatically become a cheater. Hooray…

Good luck lucky cheater!

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