How to add watercolor effects to photos on Android

To like to edit Photos? Have you tried the effect? water colour on your photo? If not, let’s follow the simple steps to add effects water colour in the following photo on Android.

Smartphone today has indeed brought us into an extraordinary era of modernization. Almost every day, all activities must be based on it Smartphone. As a result, most people always capture every moment it makes. Sometimes even funny moments cannot be overlooked by the name Smartphone.

Almost everyone is very fond of photography these days, especially for those who have a hobby share Photos on social media. Of course, all of his activities always want to be recorded by a cell phone camera. Well, when it comes to portraits, of course, it’s not good enough if it’s not accompanied by a cut. Yes, as we know, give it a touch editing make our recordings even more breathtaking.

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Especially for us Android users, applications editing can be called very plentiful and we can use it for free. Some of you may have heard of the effects water colour, but not infrequently, who do not know how to create these effects and apply them to photos.

That’s what Inwepo will do this time share a little bit Tutorials Add effect water colour on your photo very easily.

Video tutorials


1. Make sure you have downloaded and downloaded beforehandTo install in Smartphone You Photo Lab application.

2. Open the Photo Lab application and go straight to you Tap the icon search above and then in the search field “Water color

3. Many watercolor effects are displayed. Select the appropriate effect. Continue Tap ISSUE APPROVAL menu.

4. Jump Tap ALLOW menu, continue Tap Faces menu to access photo files in the gallery.

5. You will be taken to the menu harvest, then set the photo size and mirror image Tap the icon Arrow and wait for processing editing a moment ago.

6. If you Tap the plus symbol below to open another menu. Use the Animate menu to create simple animations and the Art & Effects menu to add effects to images. Finally, tap Add text to add text on photos. Save further Tap the icon 3 points.

7th Tap Save to device to save changes in the gallery Smartphone We.

Complete. How to add watercolor effects to photos on Android and watch the tutorial on youtube inwepo and don’t forget to like, share, subscribe and comment on other interesting tutorials.

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