How to add virtual RAM in Windows 10

random access memory (RAM) works by helping the performance of the processor on the computer. This device plays a very important role in the computer system. But sometimes we come across incidents where our computer is very slow when in use, usually when we are running software which is quite difficult, or opening a large number of large files, or running more than one program at the same time.

The best solution is to add it orUpdate RAM on the computer. But if you’re in a hurry (especially if your wallet is empty), you obviously don’t want your work to be hampered by out of memory, do you? Well this time the author will describe an alternative solution if you experience this, which is by adding Virtual memory on the computer.

Windows 10’s default virtual memory already exists, but before we go any further, here are some rules for calculating virtual memory.

Set up RAM is the amount or capacity of RAM installed on our computers.

Great / value original size At virtual RAM is 1.5 times that of Set up R.A.M.

Great / value maximum size is 3 times large / worth original size.


Set up The computer memory is 4 GB.

1 GB = 1,024 MB

4 GB = 4 x 1,024 MB = 4096 MB

So Set up RAM 4GB = 4096MB

Original size : 1.5 x 4096 MB = 6.144 MB

maximum size : 3 x 6,144 MB = 18,432 MB

To make it clearer, let’s put it into practice right away. First, prepare your Windows 10 computer or laptop, and then open it File manager. Next, please look at the picture and do the following:


1. Right click “This pc and choose “properties

2. Please note how much RAM is installed on your computer and then it is calculated for the value of original size and maximum size-his.

3. Click on “Advanced system settings

4. A tab Progressive Part “Power”, click “settings

5. After logging in to Performance options, Select tabProgressive

6. In the section Virtual memory, click “Change

7. Deactivate the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives

8. Select “Custom format“, Then enter the value original size and maximum size each in units megabyte (MB) calculated as before.

9. Click on “sentence” and “OK” You’re welcome start anew Your computer and feel the difference.

Here is a guide on how to add it Virtual memory in Windows 10. Hopefully useful.

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