How to add tap back on Android

Update The iPhone operating system, namely iOS 14, brings quite a lot of updates. After we talked about the features earlier Access point for this time we will discuss the features tap back, and how to install the feature on Android.

What is the back-tap function?

The iPhone can actually be called king Smartphone So far, the iPhone looks superior in terms of price, quality, and features. Well, in this update in the iOS 14 version, the iPhone brings a multitude of functions. One of its interesting features that we will discuss in this article is the function back tap.

Tap back is a feature that allows the user to double-tap the back Smartphone case to perform an action. With functions back tap you can adjust that Gestures Tap to make back Screenshots, to adjust volumeor open an application.

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Looks cool indeed and is of course very helpful if you want to do something or join in connections Just double-tap the back case Smartphone. Then how do I install this feature on Android?

What is tap tap?

For those of you who want to try the features above, but Smartphone You are Android, don’t worry, don’t worry. In a forum that is discussing Android there is a developer who has successfully ported the feature back tap to use it on Android. The application is called tap tap. Unfortunately, the app is not yet available on Google Play. How to get the application and how to use the application. Check out the full steps below.

Video tutorials


1. Download the Tap Tap application, as this application is not yet available in the Google Play version, please download it from here.

2. Open the Tap app, then tap Tap the top menu to enable Tap Tap accessibility. Select tap the Accessibility service and enable it.

How to add the tap back feature on Android

3rd Tap Deactivate battery optimization, then Tap ENABLE.

How to add the tap back feature on Android

4. Next, select the menu Double tap Action then to start adding Tap action Menu at the bottom Add action.

How to add the tap back feature on Android

5. You can add plot like, take Screenshots, open the notification bar to open the application.

How to add the tap back feature on Android

6. When you have chosen plot now Tap menu Add requirements. Well, you can choose when and at what time the action should be performed Tutorials this time i choose Display.

How to add the tap back feature on Android


This function does Smartphone we become more demanding, besides, it really helps us to use the application or connections with one finger. Not only Double tap, you can try it too Triple tap function.

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