How to add songs / music to Instagram Story on Android

Instagram is a very popular social media application so far, there are many features Instagram is releasing so far. The functions that are still busy so far are still debating about the IGTV function, although the IGTV function has passed almost 6 months after this article was written, but the IGTV function is still often used on Instagram and even others discussed on social media such as Youtube.

This week Instagram released a feature that its users have been waiting for, as we know that Instagram previously didn’t have a feature to upload or insert song snippets into Instagram Stories, but for the time being, Instagram, in partnership with Spotify, has added it as a song- Provider service.

But unfortunately this feature cannot be used in Indonesia, it is not known why this feature is not available in Indonesia, but Instagram will definitely add this feature for its users in Indonesia. Some countries that already support the music function on Instagram are the United States, Australia and other countries, other European countries.

But don’t be sad, you can also try this music feature, although you have to try a little bit, namely with the VPN application on the Play Store, here is the tutorial.


1. Install the TunnelBear VPN app in the Play Store.

2. Then open the application and register with your active email.

3. Confirm the email that will be sent to your email.

4. If so, set the application’s VPN country to the USA.

5. Then you are Tap stud Yes sir.

6. Wait a moment for the text to change to Connected.

7. If so, open your Instagram application and Tap in the Insta Stories menu.

8. Look at the lower right corner, there will be a new menu called menu Music.

9. You go to this menu and select the music you want.

10. You can freely choose only 15 seconds of your music time.

11. You Tap Record button and wait for the music to end for 15 seconds.

12. Done, you can upload it to your Instagram Stories.

Note: If the menu music does not appear in your Instagram application, please delete all data in the Instagram application and log in to your Instagram account again.

This is a tutorial on adding songs or music to Instagram Stories on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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