How to add playbots to Discord

In the previous section, we successfully created a group or server on Discord. We can use Discord groups to have group discussions or casual chats. It’s like we could have a hangout session but online. This can of course be used to strengthen each other, even if they do not meet face to face.

Of course, when we hang out with friends, we discuss something good, from important to less important things. From discussing couples to discussing the state. But if we only talk about one thing, over time we will reach the saturation point of the conversation and eventually fall silent. This is where one of our friends usually starts offering a game or something to play with.

Did you know we can add game bots to Discord? With this game bot we can play with friends as well as alone and carry out game sessions. Sounds fun right? Would you like to know how to do it? Follow the guide below!


Make sure you followed these steps:

1. Open Discord on the group / server we created earlier.

2. The bot we’re going to enter this time is a Pokémon bot called Pokecord. Pokecord is a bot that displays the Pokémon in the series and we have to guess the name of the Pokémon to catch it. The first thing you need to do is get the invite link bot. We can search the internet or use the bot’s help menu.

3. After that, we can specify any authority that will be given to the bot. Then press “Authorize” complete.

4. Back on the Discord page we see that there is a just entered game bot named “Pokecord” in the Discord group.

That’s it for this tutorial, have fun playing with your friends.

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