How to add photos to contacts on iPhone

Talking about contacts on iPhone, adding and deleting contacts is an activity we usually do, in particular, Contacts are also important data on your iPhone. Since contacts have many functions, in addition to making contact with family, friends or relatives, we can also easily contact business partners and others.

Even though the iPhone is currently widely used for surfing the internet and sending messages via iMessage or Whatsapp, the phone function is still used and badly needed. If you consider that there are still many people who hardly or not at all use the Internet and who only use the cell phone as a means of communication.

There’s a feature in every contact on iPhone that lets you add photos to any photo. It has various functions so that you can quickly identify the face or identity of the contact owner, or even mark it for specific purposes. For those of you who want to add photos to contacts on your iPhone but don’t know how to do it, follow this tutorial.


1. Open the app Contact – Find and select the contact you want to add a photo to Tap To edit.

2. Tap Add a photo – Tap Choose photos.

3. Find and select the photo you want to add Tap Choose.

4. Tap Complete – Complete.

This is the tutorial on adding photos to contacts on iPhone, hopefully it will be useful.

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