How to add music to photos on Instagram

When you get bored of looking at the photos Upload on Instagram when you feel lonely seeing the many photos on Instagram. Now is the time to add a new touch to the photos you are about to take Upload especially on Instagram, so that it looks different from the others, namely giving background Music in the photo you will Upload on your favorite social media like Instagram. background This music works so that the photos you take Upload be more alive so that it can not only be seen but also heard.

When giving background you can use the klipmix application on photos. The klipmix application is an easy to use application, for example when creating videos, when combining multiple photos with videos and music, or when adding music to just one picture.

Here is a guide on how to add music / songs to pictures / photos on Instagram:


1. Download the Klipmix application from the Play Store (Android).

2. Open the Klipmix app in Smartphone you then Tap Create Video – on the menu Select clip will appear Folder that exist in gallery you then you Tap one of Folder the.

3. Many photos will appear next and you will be asked to choose one of the photos. Tap a photo you want to give background Music. then Tap the icon (-) in the right corner to go to the next step.

4. Enter the menu Studio, you will be asked to set the duration of the photo, which will later add music to the photo. Tap on the menu Duration.

5. In the permanent menu – select and Tap of your choice Set duration for all photos. you can choose duration you as you want or with Tap At Other you can type duration as you want, but not more than 30Sec.

6. Next you can Tap the checklist icon what’s top right.

7. Insert music – Tap in the music menu. Select the music you want to put in the photo / you want to make the background for the photo you selected earlier.

8. Set the music by sliding like in the example below if it is set as desired – Tap the icon (+), then Tap the checklist icon that’s in the top right corner.

9. At this point your photo already exists background Music that you created earlier in the previous phase.

10. There are 2 ways to save the result if you want that result Upload to Instagram you can directly select and Tap on Instagram option resolution.

11. Wait for the save process.

12. done.

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