How to Add Moving Text to Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the largest and most popular social media sites. Instagram itself is on the rise right now and is loved by quite a few people. From those who are still in school to business people. In Indonesia alone, Instagram has more than 57 million active users.

As a result, social media focused on photos and videos are becoming increasingly popular. For Instagram users, they are of course familiar with the Instastory function. Specialty story What is on Instagram is often used to share status or moments and lasts for 24 hours or a day afterwards story will be deleted and entered in the Instagram archive.

Instagram stories

In Instastory itself there are also additional menus and additional functions such as creating photo collages, videos boomerang, Zooming, as well as live Videos and many others. In addition, Instagram also gives us the freedom to share our own posts or those of other people on Instastory.

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Well, usually we usually know that as share post. If we Publish again Mail to story usually backgroundit will only monochrome or normal color. Instagram didn’t add a replace feature background Share post with our own photos.

Inwepo now gives you a few tips on adding or replacing background share post with your own photos plus by adding moving text. Curious, let’s follow the simple steps below.

Video tutorials


1. Download and To install First the SwiftKey keyboard application.

2. Open the installed SwiftKey keyboard applicationTo install, then Tap Turn SWIFTKEY ON and select Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard.

3. Tap SELECT SWIFTKEY then you will be redirected to the Change Keyboard menu, just select Microsoft Swiftkey.

4. Go to Instagram and create share post as usual. Tap To make a menu text or use the SwiftKey keyboard later Tap the smiley face icon.

5. Next Tap the pin icon then Tap the icon Camera, next you give the app the access authorization Tap enable.

6. Select an image in the gallery Tap the icon Paper planes for sending pictures. Tap and hold the post in place and slide its position so that it is on the right.

7. Enlarge background and position it to the right. Then tap – tap right to bring up the post.

8. To add text move immediately Tap Then enter the sticker menu in the search field “Collage Letter”

9. Enter your name or text you want to write the result as below.

That is the tutorial on how to add moving text in Instagram stories, that is, by just curse the gif feature in insta stories and then enter the search box by typing a collage letter, you can create moving text effect. Much luck!

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