How to add ML Fast 2022 credit score

How to Increase ML Score Balance – Moonton has stocked the Mobile Legends gaming system well, one of them being credit worthy. This score can be used as a measure of whether or not players are doing well in the game.

Basically, every Mobile Legends player receives a high credit rating. However, inappropriate in-game behavior can degrade your creditworthiness. As a result, players will not be able to play in certain modes and will be temporarily banned from playing.

The decreased ML credit score can still be increased to the previous value. Then what are the causes and how can one increase ML credit score? Well this time Teknolalat will be checking creditworthiness in Mobile Legends, let’s just go below.

How to Check the ML Credit Score

A bad credit rating can occur because the account has been hacked. So it is highly recommended that you regularly check your ML creditworthiness. Some Mobile Legends players may not know the number of credits in the account they are using.

Here are the steps to view ML credit score:

  1. Profile in the upper left corner.
  2. Click on the menu Battlefield.
  3. Open menu credit-worthiness.

Causes of a Lower Credit Score

There are many reasons that cause ML Credit Score to drop, here are the details:

  • AFK behavior, negative performance and feeds: 5 points deduction.
  • Several fouls in a short time: 8-10 points deduction.
  • Not participating in the match during matchmaking: 1 point deduction
  • Reported by another player and correctly recognized by the system: 2-3 points deduction.
  • Reported by many other players and correctly recognized by the system: 3-7 points deduction.

You will not be able to gamble if your credit score is less than 90 due to a significant reduction in your credit score Rank mode. And if the credit score is lower than 60, you can only play the custom and AI modes to increase the credit score.

How To Increase ML 110 Credit Score

How to Add ML Score Credits Quickly in 2022

Here are the steps on how to quickly increase your ML credit score:

  1. Log in to the game to increase your credit score by 1 point.
  2. If you play games other than AI mode, the credit score is increased by 1 point.
  3. If the credit score is below 70, there is a quick way to increase your ML credit score using Match Mode vs AI – brawl.
  4. Complete 7 games to earn 1 point with a credit score greater than 100.

From the steps for adding credits to ML score above is the mode vs AI – brawl be the best choice for those of you who have a credit score below 70. And if it is over 70, then mode brawl is a good option as it generally exits faster than Classic mode.

Maximum credit increase per day

It also calculates a percentage of violations from the last 100 games. If you commit too many violations, you can increase fewer points each day.

So you have to pay attention to how many points you can get with a certain percentage per day. No wonder the ML credit score is not increasing as it has hit the credit recovery limit of points per day. Here are the rules:

  1. No more than 1%, a maximum of 12 points of increase per day
  2. No more than 3%, maximum score 6 points increase the points every day
  3. No more than 4%, a maximum of 3 points increase the points every day

Moonton has made regulatory changes to improve ML’s creditworthiness. Where in the latest update it will be harder to add credit scores per day. This is to make the players more cautious in the game.

Well that is the cause and how to add credit to your ML 2022 score quickly. Well that is all for this short article, good luck and hopefully it will be useful.

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