How to Add Javanese Script to WhatsApp and Instagram Bio

Creating a unique bio, be it on WhatsApp or the Instagram application, is certainly very interesting. This will surely arouse the curiosity of visitors to our profile. It’s the same as creating a biography with Javanese characters. Well, if you are interested in doing it, let’s follow Tutorials below completely.

Write in bio font unique e.g. Latin, bold italic or font Of course, we often encounter other unique things on Instagram accounts. but what if the biography was filled with Hanacaraka script or Javanese script? Of course, it will grab the attention of those who stop by the home page of our account profile.

Recognize Javanese script

For the Javanese community or ethnic group, they are of course already familiar with the name Javanese script. Javanese script is a Javanese script that was used to write and convey information during the royal era in the 13th century, this Javanese script has several types, but here we are not going to study the types of these scripts but rather try to create a WhatsApp and Instagram biography with Javanese characters.

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Keyboard for Javanese scripts

It is really difficult to make Javanese characters, there are many websites that can use itgenerator Javanese text or Javanese letters but when pasted into Bio or used in WhatsApp the Javanese script changes and fails. So that you can create Javanese characters in Ig-Bio or WhatsApp, we need an application here, namely the Javanese script keyboard. An explanation and usage can be found directly below.

Video tutorials


1. First, download the Javanese script keyboard here if you have the application open as normal. Next Tap menu activate activate and then activate again in the menu virtual keyboard.

How to add Javanese script to WhatsApp and Instagram

2. Next Tap menu A GEM Then enable or select the Javanese script keyboard.

How to add Javanese script to WhatsApp and Instagram

3. You can try the Javanese script right away by typing in the column Try it here, You can also use to access the keyboard settings menu Tap settings keyboard. You can also switch with keyboard Alphabet letters with Tap Letter A. You can change it in the settings menu layout, Colour keyboard, vibrate and so on.

How to add Javanese script to WhatsApp and Instagram

4. Then all you have to do is open the Instagram or WhatsApp bio and then just type in the Javanese script, it looks something like the one below.

How to add Javanese script to WhatsApp and Instagram


As? It is clear that the above tutorial is not for how to make Javanese characters in Instagram and WhatsApp Bio? If it’s not clear, you can ask in the comments column. Not just for your bio, you can make this Javanese script text for comment status and others too.

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