How to add edge lighting notifications on all Android phones

SmartphoneSmartphone flagship has better properties and advantages compared to Smartphone entry level. One of them is function Notification of edge lighting like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and also the S9. Well, for those of you who only Smartphone entry level No need to be discouraged, this time inwepo is going to share an adding trick Edge lighting as in SmartphoneSmartphone flagship.

Smartphone The upper class is quite amazing indeed and always attracts attention. Not just beautiful and elegant phones flagship in fact, it comes with a host of great features already embedded in the device.

Now that we talk about superior features, have you heard of features? Notification of edge lighting? Yes sir Notification of edge lighting This is a unique feature in Smartphone flagship belongs to Samsung, where this feature causes our phones to display colored lights, but only on the edges or edges.

This feature is specifically for Smartphones from Samsung like the S8 and S9. Even so, we can feel the sophistication of these features on our respective androids. Don’t believe Here is how.


1. Make sure you haveTo install and mendownload First the Edge Mask application in the Play Store.

2. Open the Edge Mask application directly, then go forward for the first time Tap THE SETTINGS then Tap Allow dragging over other apps.

3rd Tap again Pop up THE SETTINGS that appears, then select and enable EDGE MASK in Notification Access.

4. Set the style or style from Pop up Notifications displayed through the menu news. Continue in the section Type effects symbol Setting on Edge lighting.

5. Tap colour change the color of Edge lighting, don’t forget to activate either Mixed color so that the color that comes out isn’t just one. Next sentence Transparency, the length of the lamp duration, the size and speed of the lamp movement (Edge lighting) via the menu Transparency, duration, size and speed.

6. When a notification arrives, a light will appear on the edge of the screen.

Here is a guide on how to add it Notification of edge lighting on all Android phones. Hope it’s useful.

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