How to add Android 11 Media Control on all Androids

The internet giant Google has been very busy with the provision almost every year up to now Update on their Os. Recent version final of Android 11 has officially launched. However, this latest operating system will only be available on Google Pixel phones and some phones from providers Miscellaneous.

From the news circulating, Android 11 has seen many improvements. Some of them are Bubbles, Conversation Notifications, Media control, Device control, One-time permit, background Location, Scoped storage and also improvements in terms of a slimmer design.

Media control

Well, this time you are not going to discuss everything but focus more on it Media control. This function enhancement in Media Control is intended to make it very easy for users to switch to media output external how Headset, Bluetooth Speakers and others. The display is pretty cool too and icons exit earlier it is also listed, it can be said that it is very similar to the functions Air game belongs to the iPhone.

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What about Android smartphones that don’t understand? Update Android11? Don’t worry, you can still try to feel the same way Smartphone your dear All it takes is a little trick.

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1. You To install first the Power Shade application in Smartphone everyone of you.

2. Open the app Power shades what you have To install Then activate all existing permissions and access. Especially accessibility as it won’t be activated without activating the accessibility of Power shades.

How to add Media Control to Android 11 on all Android devices

3. When everything is ready, then the button To run look active, there are many menus that you can customize. Like on the menu layout you can replace Symbol shape what is on Notification bar.

How to add Media Control to Android 11 on all Android devices

4. To change the color, you can use the menu Colours, don’t forget to add Edge trigger also to facilitate education Notification bar. You can customize the layout to match the colors you are using deduction.

How to add Media Control to Android 11 on all Android devices

5. Then all you need to do is open any music player application, you can use Spotify, YT music or something else. A message will appear media steering which is very similar to Android 11. Well, in the picture there is a phone speaker that is pointing exit device that I use.

How to add Media Control to Android 11 on all Android devices


In addition to the impression of Android 11 on the Smartphone She, Makes shadows also gives a new feeling notifiable Her. You can change the color every day and also just open the view notifiable with Edge trigger.

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