How to add an edge sidebar like the Samsung Galaxy series

I already know the functions Edge Sidebar belongs to Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +? Would like to Smartphone do you also have the cool feature? That said, you need to read the following article to the end.

Smartphone Nowadays it has almost become a basic need that everyone must possess. In fact, with today’s technological advances, everything is always connected and can be done with help Smartphone. Speaking of which Smartphone particularly Smartphone Flagship certainly has the most important functions and features as Smartphone Low end.

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For example, like Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9 +. Smartphone The flagship, which sports curved screen on either side, has interesting features that you may not have Smartphone Miscellaneous. These functions are functions Edge sidebar. Yes, with this feature we can access various applications by simply swiping or sliding the screen from the edge of the screen to the center.

Fortunately, this function cannot only be used on Samsung smartphones. For those of you who Low-end smartphone can still get this function. How one? Here are the steps to get it working Edge sidebar Everything in the Samsung S9 style Smartphone Android.

1. As a first step, make sure you have downloaded and installed the VmSwipe application from the Play Store.

2. In the second step, open the VmSwipe application and tap directly on Click here to enable VmSwipe. Then swipe or activate the Allow Drag menu over other apps.

3. An icon will be displayed Sidebar, You can try moving it to see if the application works properly. Next Tap settings to adjust the application settings.

4. On the menu Settings tap Change theme to change the background color via the menu Sidebar She. You can then choose the color that suits you Tap on Apply. You can also use the menu Align your swiping motion to adjust the symbol position Sidebar You left or right. Then also use the menu Change the position of the bar to adjust the position of the icon below or above.

5. To add the application you live in to wipe symbol Sidebar then Tap Plus sign, and then select the application you want to add Sidebar final Tap tick below.

This is the tutorial for adding an Edge sidebar a la Samsung Galaxy S9. Much luck.

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