How to add a restart button on iPhone iOS 11

iOS 11 is the eleventh major version of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc., which is the successor to iOS 10. It was announced at Enterprise Developer Conferences worldwide on June 5, 2022. The first beta version was released to developers after the main presentation, with a public beta for release in mid-2021 and a final version for consumers in late 2022.

iOS 11 raises the bar even higher for the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. The iPhone is better than ever. iPad is even more powerful. And now iOS 11 is unlocking amazing potential for expanded reality in games and apps. With iOS 11, the iPhone and iPad are the most powerful, personal, and smartest devices ever.

One of the newest features in iOS 11 is the button Start anewwhere iOS 11 adds a new option AssistiveTouch what it allows youstart anew Your iPhone with just one push of a button. In contrast to iOS 10, where iOS 10 does not yet have this function. You can use options Start anew new for AssistiveTouch in iOS 11 to quickly restart your iPhone. Here is the tutorial.


1. Open Arrangement – Tap Generally.

2. Choose Accessibility – Tap AssistiveTouch.

3. Tap Customize top-level menu – tap the sign Plus.

4. Tap the shield Plus – Select Start anew.

5. Back to the main menu open minded AssistiveTouch Select Start anew – Select Start anew.

This is the tutorial on adding a button Start anew on the iPhone iOS 11, hopefully useful.

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