How to add a profile photo in WhatsApp chat chat

Who would have thought if the instant messaging application WhatsApp turns out to have a number of hidden features that you may not be aware of. One of them is to be educated Profile picture or profile photo next to the bubble Chat when we are Chat.

When asked which application Chat a million people all agree, of course, and respond to WhatsApp. Yes, the application size is not too big and user interface Many people fall in love with simple things and switch to WhatsApp as a communication tool. While it’s simple, there are a lot of features in WhatsApp that you probably don’t know all about.

Well, it’s like adding a profile photo right next to the speech bubble, for example Chat. As active WhatsApp users, we of course know each of us Chat What appears, of course, is just a bubble text of the messages sent and received by us.

It turns out it’s more than that, now we can add our own profile photos and other users when Chat. That of course makes activity Chat you are more fun. To find out how, just take a look at the simple steps below.

Video tutorials:


1. Download and To install First the YoWhatsApp application.

2. Then enter the YoWhatsApp application Tap AGREE AND CONTINUE. Next, enter your phone number as you normally would for the WhatsApp login verification process.

3rd Tap three white dots in the upper right corner and then select the YoMods menu.

4th Tap Select the conversation screen menu, then select Menu Pictures.

5. Check the menu Chat contact picture and Chat my picture, then back to the chat Chat and see the result.

This is the tutorial on adding a profile photo in WhatsApp chat chat. Much luck.

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