How to add a notification animation on Android

Application notifications that appear on the status bar are very boring. But now we can get rid of that boredom and make it even more fun with animation.

Android is an operating system that is widely used by many manufacturers today. Yes, the Android operating system is very popular very quickly because it is very easy to change or customize.

Well, for users Smartphone Of course, you are familiar with the application notification feature that is usually shown on the status bar. Notifications are very important, with notifications we know important things like incoming emails and messages Chat and other notices.

But unfortunately, sometimes it’s boring to just see notifications like that. Since Android has an easy to customize system, we can add a little animation to the notifications that appear on the screen Smartphones.

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1. Install the application first Notification animations in the Play Store

2. If the installation is successful, don’t open the application first, open the Settings menu first, then select Installed Applications, then find and select Notification animations.

3. Next Tap At Auto start Then swipe rightl Start the app and Trigger start.

4th Tap Other permissions then Tap window Pop up to allow access Pop up Use.

5. Next Tap Notifications Then slide all the right buttons in the notification access menu.

6th Tap power saving mode and make sure you select the menu No restrictions.

7. Open the app Notification animations then Tap Click the button in the upper right corner to enable it, then select the animation effects that you want to use.

8th. Tap other menu options or symbol 3 lines in the upper left corner to display other menus then select Settings.

9. You can adjust the animation speed by selecting Animation speed and to set the notification layout you can choose Animation positions.

Complete. How to add notification animations on Android.

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