How to add a new administrator on the YouTube channel

Managing a YouTube account can be done not only by one person, but also by the owner Youtube channel can add a new administrator to take care of comments orUpload Videos.

YouTube channel can be managed by more than 1-3 people. But first the owner has toinvite the Gmail account address of a person who will first be given access to manage their Youtube channel. Here are the steps:

1. Sign up Gmail and open the YouTube channel and then click in the top right corner Avatar icon Until you see the menu Pop up. Then click icon equipment Youtube the settings.

2. Choose “Add or Remove Managers”.

3. Choose “Add Manager”.

4. Enter the email address of the person or friend you wantinvite Get access to manage your YouTube channel account. A maximum of 3 people can be a YouTube administrator.

5. If the invitation is not confirmed by the owner of the email, the status is still in the manager account transparent, how Screenshots including:

6. The next step is to confirm the invitation to sign in to the registered Gmail account invite/ is invited and then open the associated Google Plus page from the YouTube channel account. You will see a notification later “You have been invited to administer this page”. Choose Accept.

Note: Your YouTube channel must create Google Plus with the same email address.

7. Tick “Yes, please keep me informed about future site releases and other relevant information.”. then choose Accept.

8. Choose “Manage Pages” Manage accounts.

8. Now open the YouTube channel page, check the menu Avatar icon aIf you are already an administrator of a YouTube channel account withinvite She.

Complete. You can add a few user toUpload Videos, reply to comments and manage accounts on the YouTube channel / creator.

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