How to add a moving image background to WhatsApp

Tired of looking Chat backgrounds What’s your WhatsApp, is that all? Come on, make it more interesting by adding moving pictures. How one? Check out the article below Tutorials Completely.

Who doesn’t exactly know WhatsApp? Almost all users Smartphone is also a WhatsApp user. Because WhatsApp is one of the applications Chat The most popular in the world today is no exception in Indonesia.

The majority of users prefer WhatsApp because of its ease of use and do not need a pin or something similar to add a friend’s contact. We only need a mobile number to add a friend’s contact. In addition, WhatsApp is also very busy on hold Update in the application with new additional features and improvements to various failure that exists.

But there are times when we get bored of seeing how it looks Chat backgrounds just quiet. It looks less attractive. But don’t worry because this time inwepo will share the replacement trick background Chat with moving images directly from the app.

Video tutorials


1. First step, download and To install First the Coocoo WhatsApp application. Then log into their respective accounts as usual.

2. Second step, Tap 3 the point at the top right. Then choose the Cocooo menu Settings.

3. In the third step, choose Menu Theme shop Then select one of the available transparent designs.

4. Fourth step, Coocoo. to open again the settings and select DIY theme. Next, select the Background menu and choose a motion wallpaper that is normally available Play symbol small for moving pictures. If it is already Tap on Save automatically Chat backgrounds you will move.

This is the tutorial on adding a moving image background to WhatsApp. Hope it’s useful.

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