How to add 3D effects to Android keyboard

Bored of your current keyboard look? Or want to change the original look keyboard be cooler? Just add 3D effect keyboard You, that’s how it works.

Before you start a chat Chat, Text messages or other things, of course a keyboard or keyboard is required keyboard what is on Smartphone weather. keyboard It has a vital function and is one of the main ingredients that must be present in the body Smartphone. Because almost all activities we run on Smartphone Of course it is one of them keyboard.

Standard original ad Smartphone mostly very monotonous and unchangeable. Of course it gets very boring when we use it. Not to mention when we use it every day.

But calm down, because Android devices have a system open minded source so we can easily change the appearance in it, including keyboard. So for everyone who is bored with the look keyboard Originally and want to find other variations, it can’t hurt to add 3D effects to the keyboard display so it doesn’t become saturated. Instead of wondering how, here Tutorials Completely.

Video tutorials


1. You must have the first stepdownload andTo install Rocky Keyboard app.

2. Step two, then open the Rockey Keyboard app Tap Enable Rockey, then select Rockey from the keyboard management menu.

3. Third step, Tap Menu Go to Rockey and select Rockey again.

4. Fourth step, Tap In the Setup menu, under the Accessibility menu, select Rockey Keyboard and enable it.

5. Step five, Tap May then be displayed on top of other apps Tap rehired.

6. Sixth step, Tap allow pop high that appears, then select the 3D Effects menu, then all you have to do is choose the 3D effect you want to use.

This is the tutorial on adding 3D effects to the Android keyboard. Hope it’s useful.

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