How to activate the heat detection camera on Android

Now it’s the camera Smartphone it is already equipped with functions that are quite powerful. Hence, it is not surprising that today we can easily use the camera on cell phones to become a camera that detects heat or ambient temperature.

Camera technology, especially in the smartphone sector, is currently not only quite mature in the smartphone sector pixelonly. What at first only worked to take photos or make a video, we can now also do cameras Smartphone become a camera thermal or heat detector.

A little about the camera thermal or Thermography is a tool or camera with which we can determine and measure the relative temperature level of an object. This technology is generally used in the security sector through to the electrical and mechanical engineering industries.

But unfortunately this heat detector or thermal imager comes at a pretty high price, so there are still few consumers who can have this tool. Well, don’t worry, now we can use or switch cameras Smartphone we are the camera thermal without having to buy it at a relatively expensive price.

How to enable the thermal camera or heat detector on Android

The first step, download first application Thermal camera free of charge Load game.

The second step, after successful download installed and then open the Simulation Thermal Camera application on the start page Tap Start apps.

The third step is displayed Pop up to the Activate authorization for camera, Tap YES SIR next ENABLE.

fourth step, Tap At Electricity symbol which is in the lower left corner to start using it. You can also add or activate flashlight with Tap symbol the light next to the power switch.

In the fifth step, tap the OSD button to remove the guidelines on the screen. You can also increase the sharpness of the blue and red colors by tapping the plus and minus buttons on the right. And to take a picture or take a picture, tap the camera icon at the top.

Complete. How to enable thermal detection camera on Android. This application can also be used to see if there are ghosts around you!

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