How to activate the Featured Channel function on Youtube

One way around channel Youtube has increased in number Subscribers and also Views is to advertise. advancement channel Youtube can be done anywhere, anytime, be it on-line Yet offline.

But did you know that Youtube made an advertising space available? channel for its users? Name of the action location channel it is channel Superior, a feature that users can use as an introduction channel them to the public so the amount Subscribers and Views Can increase.

When you have two channel Youtube, then you can activate the function channel marked this so that the second channel those you manage both experience growth in numbers Subscribers and also Views. Interested in activating the feature channel Supervisor? If you are interested in enabling it, you can listen to the tutorial below.


1. Open the Youtube site.

2. Please Sign up to your account and then select channel You.

3. Then click on Customize channel.

4. Click the Add button channel At channel Supervisor.

5. Please search the URL channel, then paste it in the column provided – add it.

6. This is the result.

7. You can add up to 20 channels. If you want to make changes, e.g. For example, to adjust or delete the layout (order), you can click on the pencil symbol and then select the editing module. You can also change the name channel marked as another name, such as channel cool or Subscribe to channel This is in the editing module.

8. Done.

To activate the function channel Users should use Creator Classic as YouTube Studio does not yet allow it. So if you want to add a channel, All you have to do is click Customize channel to use the functions channel Supervisor.

This is the tutorial for activating the feature channel presented on Youtube. Hope it’s useful.

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