How to activate the Face Unlock function on all Androids

Having a pretty strong security system with Finger screen in Smartphonethat can only be opened with the owner’s fingerprint the settings, Now the Android system is also equipped with the latest version with new features. It is for sure Face unlock, Which Smartphone only opens with Selfie, reveal the face of the owner who was the settings Even.

But don’t worry for those of you who haven’t or haven’t changed Smartphone latest Android. Because only with the tutorial below can you really enjoy the functions Face unlock it’s on Smartphone Android you are using.

Video tutorials


1. Download iObit Applock Android App in the Play Store

2. After Set up, open the application. On the home page you will see a sample board that you have to make first. The function if Unlock / lock face Problem, patterns can help open it. You will then be asked to enter it E-mail as anticipation when you forget the pattern, and Face lock then it’s not going well E-mail can help with opening.

3. Next Tap or swipe the three stripes in the upper left corner, select Face lock to put the face. And wait a moment for the setup process to complete.

4. When you are finished, select the Activate button. And adjust the position of the face in the available circle on the screen. Make sure your eyes are right on the little circle. When you’re done, you’ll see a green check mark.

5. Then activate Face lock on the home screen if it is activated when you unlock the screen. Before doing this, however, you will be asked to activate it permission, or application permissions. Select OK and then switch.

4. Select the application to be activated with Face lock. Assure yourself Face lock icon active blue.

5. On that occasion, it happened to be a test that was used to lock the gallery and this is the result as shown below.

Remarks: when on Load game there is a notification “App not” compatible‘but the OS version is sufficient, you can download it from google.

Complete. Much luck.

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