How to activate the double tap screen on Xiaomi HP

Xiaomi is a brand Smartphone Using the MIUI (Android) operating system developed by a well-known company in China called Xiaomi Inc., it was founded in 2010 and has quickly become one of the leading technology companies in China.

Founded in China in 2010, Smartphone Xiaomi is already one of the Smartphone The darling of Indonesians and will Smartphone low price but with better specifications than brand Smartphone others at the same price.

Smartphone Xiaomi uses a self-developed operating system but still uses the Android operating system as the main component, the advantage of Xiaomi is also the use of Smartphone which is very open to their users, though brand Smartphones others really don’t allow users to root, unlike Xiaomi, which allows its users to do so root and because of this openness, Xiaomi finally calls loyal Xiaomi users as Wed fans.

The features that Xiaomi offers increase every time they exist Update new from the MIUI system, one of the features that Xiaomi offers as an example is double tap to wake up. Speedometer, and other. If you’ve ever browsed the Google Play Store, the above two features can only be obtained from third-party applications if: Smartphone They do not support the function.

How to activate the double-tap screen on a Xiaomi phone.

Remarks: Not all Xiaomi phones have this feature, so make sure your Xiaomi phone already has the MIUI 9 version.


1. Go to Settings Smartphone your xiaomi.

2. Then you are Tap At Appearance or advertisement.

3. Then you are Tap in the section Double tap the screen to wake up or Double tap the screen to wake it up and make sure the status is as shown in the picture below.

4. Done.

This is a tutorial on how to enable the double tap screen on a Xiaomi phone, hopefully it will be useful.

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