How to activate the bedtime reminder feature on YouTube

Do you often forget bedtime because it is fun to stream videos on YouTube? Yes, when we enjoy videos on YouTube, we often forget about time. But don’t let it disrupt our morning routine. How one? Well, just activate the function Bedtime reminder or bedtime reminders.


YouTube, definitely in Smartphone We currently have this application installed. Yes, or video sharing sites Streaming This video is now the most popular and certainly the most widely used.
YouTube was founded by ex-Paypals around 2005. Then it was acquired by internet giant Google around 2006 with a payout of around $ 1.65 or the equivalent of 2.2 trillion rupees.

Streaming during a pandemic
During a pandemic like today, many people have nowhere to go. Many of us spend time at home, especially in the bedroom. To get rid of boredom, we do it often Streaming Videos on YouTube.

It’s really great fun, sometimes it often makes us forget the time and hours of sleep. Of course, if it makes us forget the time to sleep, it disrupts our morning activities. Of course, you don’t want your streaming to disrupt your planned activity schedule?

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Well, you can try out the features Bedtime reminder. This feature is useful for those of you who often miss sleep due to the fun of watching YouTube. This function is similar to the previous one, which is to take a break or remind me to stop watching. However, this difference is meant to remind us of bedtime.

Video tutorials


1. Make sure you haveUpdate Youtube app you have. Open the profile menu on YouTube. then Tap menu settings, then select the menu again Generally.

How to enable bedtime reminder on YouTube

2. Direct Tap and activate button Remind me when it’s time to sleep, set the start and end time of the schedule, if this is the case Tap OK.

How to enable bedtime reminder on YouTube

3. You can also access the bedtime schedule directly from the menu Time see. Then, just like in step 2, all you need to do is activate the sleep timer button and set the start and end schedule.

How to enable bedtime reminder on YouTube


This feature is very useful for maintaining the quality of our sleep so that we don’t miss it because we are too busy watching videos. Also, limit and set our playback time when it’s late at night.

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