How to activate the automatic deletion of messages in the telegram

Are you an active Telegram user? Are you already familiar with the latest Telegram features Delete message automatically? If not, let’s find out what it is and how to use it.


After the news about WhatsApp data protection a few months ago, Telegram saw a significant increase in user numbers. Make many of these uses popular and known to many people.

If you look at the features of Telegram and WhatsApp, they are the same messaging apps and not that much different. However, there are some features or privacy that stand out from the two apps.

As a competitor to WhatsApp, Telegram is indeed superior when it comes to the privacy of its users. In addition, many users nowadays are becoming aware of their privacy and data on the Internet. In addition to privacy concerns, Telegram continues to offer new features to please its users. One of them is feature Delete message automatically.

What is auto delete message?

If we look at the name alone, we can already guess what functions Telegram brings with it. Yes sir, automobile Clear message is an application for automatically deleting messages in Telegram conversations.

Previously, Telegram also had a similar function. It’s just that the feature is open or only exists when we activate the name Secret chat. We find there too Automatic deletion timer. Even so, there are pretty definite differences between the two.

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When secret chat timer Delete becomes active when message Chat read, but different than Delete message automatically which counts down immediately timer since the message was sent.

Video tutorials


1. Open your Telegram application, make sure you have Update to the latest version. Select Chat which are activated functions Delete message automatically-his. Next up guys Tap 3 dots in the top right to call up another menu, then select menu delete history.

How to activate the automatic deletion of messages in the telegram

2. Will appear Pop up Menu below, under the menu delete history there is a menu later Delete message automatically. Swipe to choose a duration from one day up to 7 days. If it is already Tap Activate automatic deletion. Later there will be a marker from Telegram that was downloaded the settings to design Delete message automatically.

How to activate the automatic deletion of messages in the telegram


How to use Automatic deletion on telegram. This feature is perfect for those of you who are lazy about always erasing conversations with the other person.

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