How to activate screenshots in the telegram

Telegram is an application Chat which prioritizes the security and privacy of users so that Screenshots At secret chat Disabled person. User cannot take a picture of a message “Secret chat“.

But for users Smartphone already in rooted / jailbreak allowed and can take Screenshots At secret chat without additional applications, therefore Telegram also makes a notification function “You took a screenshot! ” for users who can take Screenshots At secret chat.

Then how do you do that when the user can take? Screenshots on Telegram without getting caught and no notifications ”You took a screenshot!To solve this problem, here is the tutorial:


1. For users Smartphone Uninstalled Android rootedwhen take Screenshots At secret chat You will see a notification “Cannot take screenshot due to security guidelines“on the screen. The solution is Smartphone You need to rooted.

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2. After successful rooted, then you can do it automatically Screenshots At secret chat on telegram.

3. To hide the screenshot notification “You took a screenshot! ”, You need to install the Xposed Installer app and module Displayed.

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Don’t download screenshot notification for Telegram

4. Open Xposed and enable it Module No screenshot notification for telegram, then start anew your android.

5. Open the telegram and try to do it Screenshots At secret chat, then the result is a notification “You took a screenshot!“There won’t be more

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