How to activate pocket mode on Xiaomi Mobile

When developing software (operating system) in mobile phones, attention is always paid to the security of the device itself. The form of associated security can be in the form of user interaction or system security. On Xiaomi devices (as well as other brands) there are various security features (or modes) that we can generally use, as well as that are built into the system itself.

One of the security modes on Xiaomi devices is Pocket modewith the associated security mode focusing on the interaction of the mobile phone with the location of the phone (aside from the user’s grip).

In this article we are going to enable Pocket Mode on Xiaomi phones.


1. Open options Settings / settings on Xiaomi.

2. In the settings area, select an option Lock screen and password in the System & Devices column.

3. In the Lock screen and password section, select an option Advanced settingslocated in the Lock Screen column.

4. Activate the option in the Advanced Settings section Pocket mode via the specified button.

When the associated mode is activated, the pocket mode is automatically activated when the phone is in the pocket (and in the locked state).

Remarks: In some applications, the pocket mode can be activated automatically when the user is wearing a hand covering (such as gloves, etc.) because the mode sensor on the phone mistook the hand covering as a sensor barrier. Make sure to turn off pocket mode if using the phone requires the device user to wear a hand covering.

This is the tutorial on how to activate pocket mode on a Xiaomi phone. Hope it’s useful.

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