How to activate notification dots a la Android Oreo

For fans of the green robot operating system, or commonly known as Android, you must already know what Android O or Oreo is. Yes, the latest generation of Android version unveiled by Google on August 22nd, 2022, has indeed attracted a lot of attention. Though maybe quite a few Android users who haven’t tried the operating system.

Android Oreo 8.0 has several excellent features that we may not find in previous versions of Android, namely Nougat. These features include: Better battery Life, image in image, Clever text selection, Automatic completion password, and Notifications Points. On this occasion, we’re going to try out one of the Android O’s features, which is Notification Dots.

And the great thing is that we don’t have toUpdate or toroot Smartphone feel the latest features. A little bit about information Notifications Points, Notification points is a small dot on the application icon that appears when there is a new notification and we haven’t opened or read it.

Hence, it is very useful to remind us when there are emails, chat messages or other notifications that we did not have time to review. How do I activate it? follow step from Step-it down.

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1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Prime version of the Nova Launcher application.

Download the Nova Launcher Prime app

2. Open the application, select Nova Settings, then Notification Badges.

3. From the notification badge menu, select the dot style, then enable Nova Launcher in Notification Access. Then choose a medium, small or large size.

4. Return to the menu and see that the application shows items or items for which we did not open the notification. Press and hold the application and an option will appear that is also similar to the iPhone’s 3D Touch.

How to enable Dots notifications like Android Oreo on Nougat, Marsmallow, or versions below.

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