How to activate Facebook Dark Mode and text animation

Do you like black or dark? Well you have to try the topic Dark mode on your Android Facebook. In addition, you should also try out the new messenger features, namely animated text messages.

Dark mode

Dark mode or this dark mode was first used around 2022. Back then, Twitter was the first social media and made this feature popular. So far, this function has been rolling and is often used by various applications. Not only in the application, also many smartphone developers are now taking up the topic dark mode.

Previously, the dark mode function was available in the Facebook web version. Because now you don’t want to be outdone and left behind with other apps, Facebook is starting the rollout Dark mode in the Android application.

Benefits of dark mode

Although it only looks different. Dark and light, it turns out that this dark mode also has several advantages. Starting with saving the battery to feeling good in the eyes. Because it looks visually from Dark mode looks more effective when used for reading.

Via the animated text messenger

Not done with the latest dark mode in the Android application. Facebook Messenger or more you know, Messenger has now also brought a new feature, namely animated text messages. His party inserted several animated chat box what can make your conversations with friends more exciting. Animated text messages it shows an animation in the chat Chat that you sent.

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Video tutorials


1. Open your respective Facebook application. then Tap in the 3 lines at the top right to display another extended menu. Next Tap menu Settings & data protection.

How to enable Facebook dark mode and text animation

2. Select the next menu Dark mode then directly Tap Turn it on to use dark mode.

How to enable Facebook dark mode and text animation

3. To use animated text messages, you can open Messenger directly, and then create or open a chat with friends. When you finish typing, write something in the conversation column Tap the icon Magnifying glass on the right. Then select in the effects menu, then you can choose one of the effects.

How to enable Facebook dark mode and text animation


Animated text messages and also Dark mode are 2 cool features not to be missed. In addition to the animations that are fun during the chat, the Dark mode in Facebook also makes you more focused on reading text in Smartphone.

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