How to activate dual apps on Xiaomi

Specialty Dual apps or Dual Application is a function that has a function of duplicating or duplicating applications that are already installed in the app Smartphone. to Smartphone Xiaomi itself Dual Application is already installed and it only has to be activated via the settings. Not like most Smartphone others who do not yet have the dual application feature so they need to install third party applications on the internet Load game.

Perhaps many still do not know how to activate the dual application function, although there are many advantages and this function has been activated by Xiaomi Smartphone created so that users don’t have to bother installing them again. There are many uses, for example, you have 2 different accounts on the same social media and you use both, then the dual use feature can help you without having to change your account back and forth. How to activate the Gnada application function /Dual apps in Smartphone Xiaomi.

Video tutorials:


1. Go to Settings.

There are 2 ways to enter the settings. You can look for a button that says settings in Home screen You or via the notification bar and tap on the icon with the little gear.

2. Scroll down and select multiple apps.

Keep scrolling down until you can find the APPLICATION SETTINGS section and touch the menu Dual app.

3. Select the application that you want to duplicate.

Then a list of installed applications will be displayed Smartphone Select the application you want to duplicate and then tap the button to the right of the application, then your application will be duplicated automatically. The example in this tutorial duplicates the LINE application and becomes Sign up with another account.

4. Several apps have a yellow mark on the home screen.

Applications that have been duplicated automatically appear in the Home screen and there is a yellow marker in the lower left corner to distinguish between the original application and the duplicate application.

With Dual Applications you can duplicate any application that is already installed in the app Smartphone. So you don’t have to Log in Log out repeated just to change your account. You can Sign up in the original application and in the duplicate application. That’s it for this tutorial. Hope it can help you.

Remarks: The prerequisite for these dual apps is that Xiaomi must use at least MIUI 8 OS

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