How to activate dark mode in the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is the standard service from Google, which is probably the core of an app Smartphone Android. Millions of applications can be downloaded via this “Android App Home” service. Every day, many people donate apps to the Google Play Store. away Games, entertainment, Books to films are available in the Google Play Store.

Lately, a lot of Android apps and services have tried launching themes Dark mode. These include Google Chrome, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. topic Dark mode has got a lot of fans lately. There are many factors that are causing the issue Dark mode loved by many. Among other things, saving battery life, reducing eye work, also according to scientific research, can reduce migraines / headaches while gaming Smartphone. However, this is undeniable Dark mode also has its own drawbacks, namely the difficulty of reading an article on the internet Smartphones. Even so, the aesthetic of the subject is Dark mode That alone has enchanted many users Smartphones.

Now the Google Play Store is starting to introduce themes Dark mode to all users Smartphone Android. It seems that Google’s default applications on Android are starting to introduce themes one by one Dark modehis. Google introduces topics Dark mode in the Google Play Store via Twitter account on May 11th. It’s very easy to change the Google Play Store theme to Dark mode. Here are the steps:


1. Open the Google Play Store app. Tap the icon three lines in the top left corner of the Google Play Store.

2. Several menus are displayed as shown below. Select menu “Settings”.

3. Select the text in the General column “Subjects” to select further topics.

4. Choose “Dark” to choose a dark theme.

5. Done. Your appearance in the Google Play Store is thematic Dark mode.

This is the tutorial for activating the theme Dark mode in the Google Play Store. Hope it’s useful.

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