How to Activate 4G LTE Signal on Xiaomi Smartphone

Network technology from 4G LTE it is very important in a smartphone today. 4G LTE is a network that is able to pamper its users in accessing the internet faster.

Therefore 4G LTE network is highly sought after for many users. However, there is a slight problem for this type of smartphone Xiaomi. So, you must first set it through the secret menu. Well, for the direct method, just listen, guys!

Here’s How to Activate 4G Signal on Xiaomi!

4G LTE features in Xiaomi Redmi who are present in the country in a locked state. This means that you cannot use the signal.

Well, here are some ways to activate the 4G network on a smartphone: Xiaomi which is locked.

1. Make sure your Xiaomi cellphone and SIM card are 4G

The first way to activate the network 4G LTE on a Xiaomi smartphone is to check the specifications of the smartphone you have.

Then also make sure your SIM card is 4G, if not you can visit the outlets provider to change it to a 4G SIM card.

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2. Enter the Secret Menu

The second way to activate the 4G network is to use a secret code. The way to open can be through the phone call menu and type *#*#4636#*#*.

Well, here’s how to enter the secret menu of the Xiaomi smartphone:

  • Go to call then type *#*#4636#*#*

  • Choose “Phone Information1scroll to the very bottom.

  • Look for the text “Set preferred network type“, then tap for a list of network options to appear

  • Then select “LTE/GSM/CDMA auto (PRL)“change to”TD-SCDMA, GSM/WCDMA and LTE

  • Wait for the smartphone signal to disappear and reappear.

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3. Go to Android Settings Menu

Well, the third way is that you have to change the signal from 3G to 4G via “Settings” on the Xiaomi smartphone.

Well, here’s how to activate the 4G network via Xiaomi smartphone settings

  • First, open the menu “Settings

Go to xiaomi settings

  • Then continue selecting “SIM cards & mobile networks

  • After that proceed by selecting provider which you want to change the network to 4G LTE.

  • Next, you select “Preferred network type

  • From there you can choose “LTE preference


Well, by making these changes, then if you are in an area that reaches the signal 4G LTE, so icon 4G LTE will appear 4G LTE as in general. Hopefully with this data transfer speed can be faster and maximum yes.

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So, those were some ways to activate the 4G network on a smartphone XiaomiYou can also use this method for all types of Xiaomi, such as Redmi 3, Redmi 3s, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 3, Redmi 4a, Redmi 4x, Redmi 5A and other types.

So, if you have any criticism or suggestions, write them down in the comments column below.

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